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GLS Impact | Leaders of Hope in Vietnam (Part 1 of 7)

Most people are surprised to find out that an event like the Global Leadership Summit is growing in places like Vietnam — a country some people consider a godless nation.

But what we’ve seen in the relatively small community of Christians in Vietnam, are growing passionate churches, hungry to bring the Gospel to their communities.

Through the GLS and the support of generous donors, thousands of Christians are being trained and equipped in their leadership in Vietnam.

In light of Vietnam’s New Year celebration this week, we will be sharing testimonies of leaders from all over Vietnam who attended the GLS last month, many of them moved to do extraordinary things because of the encouragement they received.

I am so excited to be here today to attend the GLS. I am really impressed by one point shared by Jim Collins. He asked, ‘How can you frame your failure as growth?’ Those words struck me and gave me courage. I’m strengthened to dream of achieving my big hairy audacious goal. I am so grateful to God because He uses these teaching sessions to make my vision clearer. My grander vision is to open Christian Schools for various ages of students from elementary to high school in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. I know it is a hard goal to achieve, but if it were easy it would not be a big hairy audacious goal. I am so encouraged now. Praise the Lord. – Ms. Bao Ngoc, a director of an educational company


I was really encouraged to come here to the GLS this morning. Bill Hybels’ message on The Five Intangibles of Leadership really touched my heart. The most impactful intangible to me was ‘self-sacrificing love.’ I realized that no matter how successful our program or project, the most important thing is our people. Sacrificing love can maximize potential in people. What I have to change now is how the church board expresses their love to the congregation in difference ways to make people feel loved in order to make the church perform better. The success of my church is not in how great I am, but how great my flock is. I believe the GLS is truly a great blessing to transform me, my church and my nation. – Pastor Phan Thi Bach Tuyet, Vietnam

When I came to the GLS for the first time last year, it was the first time I had heard such leadership teachings. The messages from the GLS revive my soul and give me courage to continue working with the tribes in the mountains. There are a lot of different ideas within my tribe’s culture, especially when it comes to gender equality, but I decided to practice the new ideas I learned with my family first, as a model to the people around me. Then I teach it to my congregation. It’s a big challenge. Now I am encouraging my son to go to the GLS. I hope he can receive his own calling like I did. – Pastor Dang Doc, Vietnam

I feel so grateful to be here at the GLS today. Actually, I didn’t have a great hope in what I would receive through this event. However, God revealed a lot of things to me. Specifically, God gave me new eyes to see things in the way I work with others. After Jim Collin’s message ‘Good to Great,’ I asked God to change me to know how to encourage my teammates, change my ways in talking with others, and to respect their differences. I will not force others to listen to my ideas any more, but accept the debate without coercion. Because God has revealed for me that helping others succeed makes me a better leader. Praise God for everything he has done for me. It’s so awesome. I have determined to fix myself and to lead my team from good to great from now on. – Y Dot Phigia, school teacher, Vietnam


Thank you for pray for and supporting the growth of the GLS in Vietnam!

To learn more about how the GLS came to be in Vietnam, watch this video.

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