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GLS Impact | Leaders of Hope in Vietnam (Part 2 of 7)

Most people are surprised to find out that an event like the Global Leadership Summit is growing in places like Vietnam — a country some people consider a godless nation.

But what we’ve seen in the relatively small community of Christians in Vietnam, are growing passionate churches, hungry to bring the Gospel to their communities.

Through the GLS and the support of generous donors, thousands of Christians are being trained and equipped in their leadership in Vietnam.

In light of Vietnam’s New Year celebration this week, we will be sharing testimonies of leaders from all over Vietnam who attended the GLS last month, many of them moved to do extraordinary things because of the encouragement they received.

I know that changing the leadership traditions and culture is hard, however, I discovered I can change the way people lead in my own church and influence my people first through example. After the GLS last year, I did some work that I had never done before as a minister. I started cleaning the chairs, toilets, tidying up the church and saying encouraging words to others. I wanted to start changing the culture and my way of thinking about servant leadership. Moreover, I don’t keep power to myself, but share it with people in my church. I realized that a successful leader must help others achieve success. Now I have nine deacons who serve the Lord with me. We encourage everyone in my church to take part in the work in the church.

After the GLS this year, God challenged me to expand my capacity. I was sparked with a vision to start eight tabernacles in the eight villages in my area in the near future. We are doing the same work of the Lord on earth to serve King Jesus, not to build my own kingdom. That is also a cultural shift that needs to be changed.

We have applied these things when fixing our church’s building, or serving our youth ministry and worship ministry. In addition to the worship ministry, when I was just ordained as a pastor here, I had to play the music, be a worship leader and preacher. But now, praise the Lord our awesome God, that He helps my church to be a place to train worship leaders and music ministers from the highlands (the tribes).

Last but not least, the GLS conference brought unity to the children of God of many denominations. We now join hands and work together. Before the GLS, I only saw this happen a few times. But after the GLS conferences, I have seen unity in the Body of Christ, not only in the North of Vietnam, but all of Vietnam, through His love and mercy.

The leadership training is really good for our spiritual growth. To me, it much more valuable than any material things we can see. The GLS makes a great impact on us. Words cannot express all my gratitude to God and to GLS organizers. Remember us in your prayers. – Pastor Dao Quoc Thanh, Vietnam

I am very encouraged and inspired by the GLS. I’ve applied what I learned to my church, and I’m eager to help and build others up in their leadership. In order to do this, I desire to lead by influence, expanding love in my leadership. After seeing the inspiration and helpfulness the GLS provides, I bought videos and books on leadership for my church. I would love for my key members to listen, learn and apply these lessons in their leadership and build up a better and greater church. – Pastor Dinh Huu Cay, Vietnam (A pastor who oversees other pastors, who lead about 7,200 followers)

Thank you for pray for and supporting the growth of the GLS in Vietnam!

To learn more about how the GLS came to be in Vietnam, watch this video.

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