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GLS Impact | Leaders of Hope in Vietnam (Part 4 of 7)

Most people are surprised to find out that an event like the Global Leadership Summit is growing in places like Vietnam — a country some people consider a godless nation.

But what we’ve seen in the relatively small community of Christians in Vietnam, are growing passionate churches, hungry to bring the Gospel to their communities.

Through the GLS and the support of generous donors, thousands of Christians are being trained and equipped in their leadership in Vietnam.

In light of Vietnam’s New Year celebration this week, we’ve been sharing testimonies of leaders from all over Vietnam who attended the GLS last month, many of them moved to do extraordinary things because of the encouragement they received.

I accepted Jesus Christ in Malaysia in 2013 while I was studying there. However, after that my father had a stroke, so I returned home, and I lost my life’s direction. I felt like I was very far from God.  I was suffering, and I felt like I lost my dream. I felt shame when I came back to God. It was very hard for me to read the Bible. It was very hard for me to understand and listen to God’s voice.

A few days before this GLS conference started, one of my friends shared the event with me on Facebook. I decided to see what it was all about, and rode my motorbike to join this event. One of the most important things I learned at the GLS is that God has different plans for each individual. A real leader needs to learn to serve for God’s purpose. We always need to put God first. To apply this to my life, I need to follow His plan and ask Him to lead me.

When Bill talked about what is most important in our life, I realized my life is from God and I need to put Him first. I felt full of energy for my life. I am ready to let Him lead my life from now on. I wouldn’t have realized this without God’s words through this GLS event. My life has been saved. Thanks to God for His amazing plan to bring me here to listen to these wonderful lessons through the GLS. – Khuyen

My spirit and my thoughts are renewed by God’s teachings through the great speakers at the GLS. I feel blessed by the idea Bill Hybels talked about, ‘Love never fails.’ To be honest, many times, I have faced obstacles and wanted to quit and give up on my work, and even my life. But God has brought me to each GLS teaching, waking me up, and encouraging me to move on. His love saved my life. I would love to save many other lives by implementing His words to my life and my work.  – Nguyen Thi Xuan Ha, non-profit leader, Vietnam


I am so encouraged to be here [at the GLS] today to watch these lessons. It is a great way to help upgrade my spiritual life. Through the GLS, God has given me courage, strength and motivation to do his work in my church. Even though this is a conference, it breathes the fire of the Holy Spirit that burns in my soul and spirit. I realized that God can use small things or great things to benefit the body of Christ. The GLS is a turning point—the beginning of something better after a burdensome and weary life. I am so happy to have this opportunity to come here today. Praise God! – Tran So, church leader, Vietnam

When I heard about the GLS, I thought it was like any other conference. But I did not realize how many valuable teachings would be offered, many of which I had never even thought of. From the teaching of Liz Wiseman, I realized that sometimes  we need to stop and learn from younger people to improve our skills. I would like to change the old principles that do not work any more.

The GLS challenged me. In the past, people asked me to be a leader, but I would say no because I thought I needed to learn more, so I did not dare take leadership positions. But at the GLS, I had an “aha” moment. These teachings revived my soul, opened me up and urged me to serve God as a leader!

Thank God for providing me with the blessing of these teachings. I am very touched. I think God put me here for the purpose of encouraging me to step up to be a real leader! Hallelujah! Thanks for touching my heart and calling me to do some valuable leadership work. – Le Thuong Kiet

Thank you for pray for and supporting the growth of the GLS in Vietnam!

To learn more about how the GLS came to be in Vietnam, watch this video.

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