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GLS Impact | Leaders of Hope in Vietnam (Part 5 of 7)

Most people are surprised to find out that an event like the Global Leadership Summit is growing in places like Vietnam — a country some people consider a godless nation.

But what we’ve seen in the relatively small community of Christians in Vietnam, are growing passionate churches, hungry to bring the Gospel to their communities.

Through the GLS and the support of generous donors, thousands of Christians are being trained and equipped in their leadership in Vietnam.

In light of Vietnam’s New Year celebration today, we’ve been sharing testimonies of leaders from all over Vietnam who attended the GLS last month, many of them moved to do extraordinary things because of the encouragement they received.

Praise the Lord for his goodness. I am very happy to have this opportunity to be here today. Three years ago I had a heart attack. It was a terrible period of time. But praise the Lord, the local church in my area came to my house and prayed for me. My heart attack was no more. Hallelujah! At first, I didn’t totally believe that there was a God who loved me and who could heal me. But miracles continue to happen. I am very encouraged to hear such wonderful sessions more than ever. The GLS makes me stronger. And I don’t want people to call me a veteran any more, but  rather, a soldier for God. Age can’t prevent me from serving God in my local church. Amen. – Military veteran, Vietnam


The teachings of GLS are very powerful. One of my favorite teachings was from the session called The Intangibles of Leadership by Bill Hybels. I loved his message about leading with love and bringing people to success.

I have been working as a leader for a long time, but I did not really realize what leadership really was. Through the GLS, the Lord touched my soul and I was called to change. I need to change my leadership style so I can bring people around me to success. I realized I want my goal for my leadership to be bringing God’s love to everyone around me, and transforming people by lifting them up. I cannot win something alone; I need a team around me in order to build up our church and spread the word of God.

I will share this knowledge with my team and help them understand that each one of us is a leader wherever we are. I wish this GLS conference could be enlarged to all people in our community, because they all need to lead their life with these great principles. – Nguyen Thi Ngoc Thu, church volunteer and business leader in Vietnam

This is my second time attending the GLS in Vietnam. The teachings are very valuable for my work as a corporate leader. I totally changed my working style since the GLS last year. I started leading with love, and encouraging and building up leaders around me. I now lead with love to share ideas and delegate jobs to my staff.

I took the lessons of the GLS and made them my principles. Through influence, the principles I live and lead by are creating change in the people around me. People started to change their attitude. They are friendlier and trust me more. Work is going better. I praise and thank God for loving me and providing good lessons that help me to be a wiser leader. I’m changed by God through GLS teachings. This year, I came back to the GLS with excitement to love and feel more of God’s love through His powerful teachings. – Dao Van Tam, president of Detech, Vietnam


Thank you for pray for and supporting the growth of the GLS in Vietnam!

To learn more about how the GLS came to be in Vietnam, watch this video.

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