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GLS Impact | Leaders of Hope in Vietnam (Part 7 of 7)

Most people are surprised to find out that an event like the Global Leadership Summit is growing in places like Vietnam — a country some people consider a godless nation.

But what we’ve seen in the relatively small community of Christians in Vietnam, are growing passionate churches, hungry to bring the Gospel to their communities.

Through the GLS and the support of generous donors, thousands of Christians are being trained and equipped in their leadership in Vietnam.

In light of Vietnam’s New Year celebration this week, we’ve been sharing testimonies of leaders from all over Vietnam who attended the GLS last month, many of them moved to do extraordinary things because of the encouragement they received.

Ten years ago, God called me to do something big as a leader. I felt the Holy Spirit encouraged me to do something special and I decided to move from my hometown to Ho Chi Minh City to serve in God’s work. I have faced many difficulties in this big city, including the language difference and living far away from home. But I believed that God had a plan for me in this life. I prayed many times to have chances to study from great leaders. And today, taking part in the GLS is one of the biggest gifts God has given me. When I learned these teachings, I received a vision from God that I would love to transform my countryside in God’s work. My vision is that there will be seven million people who will hear the Gospel and receive salvation in my hometown. These GLS teachings have given me more motivation and more strength to serve God. – Vy’ Tony

Everything has a season and God will send the right person to come at the right time. The GLS is truly a gift from God that benefits my work and enriches my soul. The Lord reminds me of my experiences with potential customers and what I did in the past, which can encourage me and give me new strength and hope in my life of work. What a great conference! – Tran Hong Phu Quy, director of a tourist company in Vietnam


I am very impressed with the teaching from Bill Hybels on The Intangibles of Leadership. I felt touched by the Lord when I was listening to these teachings. As a leader, I need to review myself and change to lead with love and sacrifice. I realized things I need to change to be better. I will share what I learn from the GLS event with my team.  My soul is renewed and anointed by the Lord. Thanks to God for everything. Thanks to God for giving me this amazing chance to be here at the GLS conference this year! – Vo Ngoc Tan, church leader, Vietnam

I was extremely impressed by Albert Tate’s message at the GLS. He has a good sense of humor and makes people laugh. But his message really woke up my heart too. Sometimes we’ve said we give to God, but we still want to direct God on what to do. However, he reminded me of an experience from my past, and reflecting on it made my eyes burst into tears of joy. Seven years ago, I had kidney stones, and I prayed to be healed. I was so very worried about it, and even though I prayed, I complained and found my own ways to treat it until I was exhausted. One day, I was taken to a hospital and the doctor said I was going to die if I didn’t have the operation. But I didn’t have enough money. It was a terrible time for me, but God taught me to pray and get out of the way. The Lord saved me by using a stranger to help me with funds, and the operation was done successfully. Praise the Lord. Albert’s lesson today reminds me of God’s blessings that encourage my ministry. – Tran Thi Cac Thu, pastor in Vietnam

Thank you for pray for and supporting the growth of the GLS in Vietnam!

To learn more about how the GLS came to be in Vietnam, watch this video.

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