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Building a Leadership Legacy Through Students in Zimbabwe

As the GLS expands across the globe, our local teams in the field realize that in order to make a significant impact on their communities, they cannot just equip, encourage and inspire their leaders, but they need to build into the emerging leaders who will lead the future.

It’s so exciting to see more and more youth attending the GLS around the world.

Last month, more than 250 senior students, and a representative for private schools in Zimbabwe gathered to learn from the GLS sessions.

“We are awed by what God is doing through the GLS,” Harold Chilowa, local GLS leader in Zimbabwe, shares. “The students really enjoyed the program, and we are so looking forward to the great testimonies of impact the GLS will have at these schools.

“Thank you for all the support you and the WCA team have extended to our beloved country through GLS. We are so looking forward to what God will do!”

Below is a note from one of the attendees:

“The event was an amazing experience and an excellent way to remind myself and the leadership team just how important our roles and aims for the year are. My wish is that we unleash the potential that lies within us all. On behalf of myself, the combined prefect team of both schools and the senior body as a whole, I thank you for this and I hope years from now the lives of those we impact will thank you as well.”

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