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The GLS in Taiwan Becomes a Catalyst for Change

The Global Leadership Summit in Taiwan has trained and inspired some 15,000 church and business leaders over the last eight years since it launched there in 2009.

In the 2016 GLS season, Taiwan’s seven GLS events brought in 2,700 leaders from around the country. Thank you to all who prayed and supported these efforts!

While the team in Taiwan is excited about the growth momentum of the GLS event, they are most inspired by the outcomes they hear from individual attendees, and what they are doing as a result.

The GLS is more than an event, it is a catalyst for change!

Be inspired by these comments from just a handful of the attendees this year:

  • “Since the GLS first started in Taiwan in 2009, I have been most pleased at the impact and the hard work put into the events each year. The Chinese version of the GLS created here in Taiwan is affecting China’s mainland and other ethnic Chinese areas as well. For us, this result is a beautiful dream come true.” -Ann Ku
  • “I’m a housewife, but my cell group leader encouraged me to attend, saying that no matter who you are, you should be competent in your role and a leader for God. I now know we should never underestimate our power to influence others based on our position in life.” – Ms. Hung
  • “Bill Hybels addressing passion and legacy hit a special chord with me. Lacking these two qualities would make it truly hard for me to take a team to success or to achieve significant impact.” – En-chi Liaoha
  • “Danielle Strickland’s session awakened me to God’s will. I realized I need to reboot my life. I have sacrificed time with my wife and daughters for work. It’s been a catastrophe for our family. Now that I have found God, I look forward to a restart and to living the rest of my life well.” Chien-hsing Tsai
  • “The GLS has become an annual job training course for me. It has a high cost/performance value with a low price of admission and a world-class lineup of speakers. I also buy the DVD sets and recommend that others in my company participate. It’s truly a wonderful program! I can’t wait to bring these lessons back to my team.” –  Ms. Chang
  • “Melinda Gate’s words were especially inspiring to me. There is nothing God cares about more than the values an individual holds. God wants us to be fruitful and multiply and to live abundantly across the earth, but if this puts our sisters into danger, we must think more comprehensively. This is a good reminder for us.” – Mr. Yang
  • “I’ve been troubled by bottlenecks at work recently. This GLS has given me some ideas, helped adjust my perspective on human resources, and taught me how to appreciate the differences in people. It’s been really quite helpful.” – Ms. Wang

Thank you again to all who prayed and financially supported these efforts!

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