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6 Leadership Themes to Expect at The Global Leadership Summit 2019

The anticipation is building. Registrations are pouring in. Speakers are preparing. Sets are being designed. Technology is being tested. We are just weeks away from The Global Leadership Summit 2019 live!

As you prepare to join us for the GLS, you’re probably wondering, What new things am I going to learn this year? What will I discover that will cause me to lead differently in this year?

Each year, the world-class GLS faculty delivers fresh, actionable and inspiring leadership content that becomes the focus of leadership conversations in hundreds of organizations around the world. Be sure to register today!

Here are 6 Themes You Can Expect at the 2019 Global Leadership Summit.

1) Change Management

We live in disruptive times. In the midst of continual change, leaders need to know how to move forward in the face of uncertain conditions, both for themselves and their organizations. Ben Sherwood will share his experiences leading Disney/ABC Television through the disruptive era when digital content and streaming services upended the entertainment industry. Bozoma Saint John will share her experience working with disruptive brands like Apple, Beats and Uber. Danielle Strickland will outline a strategy for navigating the challenges of leadership through the chaos of transition. And Craig Groeschel will discuss the process he uses to continually evolve Life.Church for the better.

2) Negotiation

All negotiations take a unique set of skills—whether you are negotiating with a colleague for a meeting space, in the board room for a merger or with a teenager about a night out. Former FBI hostage negotiator Chris Voss will help you learn better ways to approach your most important negotiations. And Compton, California Mayor Aja Brown will describe the way she negotiated community transformation by settling the gang conflicts that had plagued her city.

3) Supervising People

Leaders who manage and supervise people need to develop a specific skill set to build relationships, trust and get work done through others. Jason Dorsey will lay out the generational differences you need to be aware of when managing the different people on your teams. And Todd Henry will unpack the two most critical things that employees need from their managers.

4) Risk Taking

All leadership involves the ability to manage risk and face rejection. Bear Grylls will describe the way he mentally prepares to face the risks and challenges of high adventure. Jia Jiang will talk about his surprising learnings from the 100 Days of Rejection experiment. And Liz Bohannon will share her incredible journey from chicken farm to a socially-conscious fashion brand—and what she learned about taking risks to build a life of purpose and impact.

5) Character and Values

At its foundation, your leadership rests on your character. Your values will ultimately frame your vision to do what is right. Patrick Lencioni will challenge you to examine your motives for becoming a leader and explore how your internal motivation impacts your leadership effectiveness. DeVon Franklin will describe how he has thrived in Hollywood while staying true to his foundational values. Dr. Krish Kandiah will detail how his experiences with the foster care system helped him clarify his leadership values. And Jo Saxton will talk about the connection between character and leadership by walking through the essential questions to ask yourself so you can truly lead from the inside out.

6) Grander Vision

When leaders align their passion with their God-given gifts, a Grander Vision is birthed and amazing things happen. Each year, the GLS features the stories of everyday people, who have discovered their life purpose and are having a unique impact in their sphere of influence. In 2019, we will feature three Grander Vision videos, including the remarkable story of a fatherless Maasai boy who followed a leading to become an inspirational rebuilder for his nation.

You do NOT want to miss The Global Leadership Summit 2019. Make plans today to attend at a site near you and come prepared for two days of learning, inspiration and impact!

Register today! Attend The Global Leadership Summit 2019 at one of our Premier Host Sites across Canada!


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