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August 5/6 and October 21/22 Global Leadership Summit


In your life. In your organization. In your community and the world.

Attending the Global Leadership Summit will help you consider a future that is different – a future that cares more, that leads more effectively, and that produces better outcomes for everyone. During the two days, you will not only gain access to a wealth of leadership insight from a world-class faculty, ready to equip and inspire you, you will recognize and grow your influence to impact the things that matter to you most. 

Now more than ever, when you grow in your leadership,  you can  withstand difficult seasons,  re-imagine the future,  strengthen your relationships, improve  your business,  and provide hope to your community  through effective charity or church  engagement.  

Join us  this year in  a  global  movement of more than 420,000 people learning  together  across  124 countries. 

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