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22 minutes

Trust is the currency that drives every relationship. We are wired biologically, neurologically, emotionally, spiritually, and psychologically to trust. Join Dr. Henry Cloud to explore the five foundational aspects of trust that must be present in any relationship, team, business or ministry. Walk away with a model to know when to give trust, when to withhold it, how to earn it, and how to fix it when it gets broken.  

It’s Lonely at the Top
(But it Doesn’t Have to Be)


34 minutes

Leadership can be an isolating experience. The daily pressure to perform, wrestling with gut-wrenching decisions, and driving hard conversations all weigh on a leader’s soul.
Overcoming what can often become a self-fulfilling prophecy of the lonely leader is not only crucial to your survival but also to those you lead. Drawing on her experiences as a successful entrepreneur and founder of Sseko Designs, Liz Bohannon understands the pressures that leaders face to have all the answers and make hard decisions in a complex and quickly changing landscape. Yet she’s seen what a leader support system can provide: better decision-making, improved team dynamics, and increased mental health for leaders and society at large.
Walk away from this talk ready to embrace vulnerability in a new way and build authentic connections that can support you in the challenges ahead.


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Frequently Asked Questions


who should attend the gls?

The GLS is where anyone who wants to grow their influence and impact can access world-class leadership training within their local community. It’s a powerful resource for those looking to build leadership skills and connect with other leaders in their community. Whether you’re in ministry, academia, marketplace, or a not-for-profit, the GLS offers ideas, tools, and inspiration that will raise your leadership capacity.


What is your refund policy?

Refunds for individual tickets will be issued up to 7 days before the event and are subject to a $45 cancellation fee. No refunds will be provided if the registered pass has already been accessed through the streaming platform.

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Can one online ticket be shared between my colleagues at work?

One ticket purchase is required for each member of a team participating in the GLS, whether online or in-person. If you choose to have multiple colleagues gather to view the GLS Online Experience together, please purchase a ticket for each person. 

Thanks for playing fair. Our goal is to provide world-class leadership development for you and your team at a reasonable price. We believe that if everyone follows the same rules and pays their share, we can make this resource available to all Canadians at a low rate for years to come.

How can I host the GLS for my region?

Do you have a missional focus in your organization or church that desires to see values-based leadership grow in your community? We’d love to have you consider joining the network and the Canadian GLS Hosting Team.

The heartbeat of the Global Leadership Network is to convene leaders for personal, organizational, and community transformation.  Catalytic gatherings like the Global Leadership Summit are a starting point for connection and shared mission in your community.  Building this gathering into the annual rhythm of your region helps build relationships and grow momentum with impactful partners and leaders. Learn more about Leading the GLS in your community through this link.

What is the childcare policy at in-person events?

The Global Leadership Summit is a professional adult training event. For the consideration of all paying guests, young children who may detract from the training experience are not permitted to accompany parents in the auditorium.

If special accommodation is required, please call us at (800) 804-0777 or email us at


Do you ever wonder why some people, at the core, seem deeply rooted, have a people-first approach, are compassionate & generous, but are also goal-oriented and are able to move teams and organizations forward?  It doesn’t happen by mistake.

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The Global Leadership Network equips leaders with practical leadership tools, inspires leaders with life-changing events andhelos leaders have greater impact within their circle of influence.

With LeaderImpact and the GLS, you’ll be ready to step into your next phase of leadership.