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Previous Event Resources

GLSnext Event Series – Liz Wiseman

Impact Players Worksheet (pdf): Download from Liz Wiseman >>

Session Notes: GLSnext Event Series, featuring Liz Wiseamn >>

More from Liz Wiseman: Global Leadership Network Archives >>


GLSnext Event Series – Charles Duhigg

A Guide to Changing Habits (pdf): Download from Charles Duhigg >>

How to Change A Habit Chart (pdf): Download from Charles Duhigg >>

How to Create A Habit Chart (pdf): Download from Charles Duhigg >>

Session Notes: GLSnext Event Series, featuring Charles Duhigg >>

Henry Cloud

Craig Groeschel

Michael Todd

Dr. Henry Cloud

Interview: Dr. Henry Cloud and Pastor Robert Morris

Michael Todd

Craig Groeschel

Life.Church Pastors Panel 

 Life.Church Worship

More Free Resources

Rory - video

How To Conquer Impossible Goals

Rory Vaden

Nona - Video

Social Leadership

Nona Jones

Juliet - video

Trailblazing in Uncertainty

Juliet Funt, Patrick Lencioni & Dr. Henry Cloud,
Hosted by Craig Groeschel

Leading into our New Future: Canada’s Recovery Plan and Christian Charities

Dr. Robert Strang
Brought to you by Waybase, Worldvision, & GLN Canada

Vers notre nouveau futur: plan de relance canadien et organismes chrétiens

Dr Robert Strang,
Présenté par Waybase, Worldvision, & GLN Canada

Sheila - video

Talking about Race: Difficult Conversations that Lead to Change

Sheila Heen & Morgan Franklin
Hosted by Danielle Strickland


The Psychology of Crisis

Dr. Henry Cloud

McChesney - video

Execute in Uncertainty and Complexity

Chris McChesney

Bobby - video

Time to Innovate

Bobby Gruenewald

Craig - video

Leading in Crisis – Parts 1,2 & 3

Craig Groeschel

Chris - video

Facing Fears in Uncertain Situations

Chris Voss,
Hosted by Danielle Strickland

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