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GLS22 Summit Guide


Session 1

30 Minute Break

Session 2

Sahar Hashemi
Johnny C. Taylor, Jr.

Lunch Break

Session 3

30 Minute Break

Session 4

Dr. Heidi Grant
Ron Howard

Session 5

30 Minute Break

Session 6

Lunch Break

Session 6

Sara Evans
Andy Stanley

Grander Vision Story Features

GLS22 will give you a glimpse into the lives of three ordinary people who stepped out in faith and into God’s extraordinary grander vision for their lives. Meet Foster youth Advocate, Tori Hope Petersen; chartered and Licensed Accountant, Raja Singh, and founder of Shift Omaha, Myron Pierce. How have you experienced God’s grander vision for your life?

Next Steps

GLS23 – Special Edition

February 16, 2023

Start 2023 with new ideas and energy to lead at your best during the year ahead

GLS 2023

August 3-4, 2023

The Global Leadership Summit speaker team annually searches the globe and assembles a world-class faculty that comes ready to invest in impact-minded leaders for the next challenge.

One Conference

February 2-3, 2023

Leadership in the local church is not for the faint of heart. Most of us are bruised and battered by the pandemic. Some of us are feeling hopeless and helpless. But some of us are seeing glimpse of God’s hand at work and are feeling a renewed sense of optimism and courage.

Let’s roll up our sleeves and explore the opportunities & challenges in front of us!

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