Ministry Connect Program

Equipping Recovery & Healing Communities

Through the Global Leadership Network’s new Ministry Connect program, organizations that work with under-resourced and vulnerable populations such as homeless shelters, transition homes, and crisis centres can provide the GLS to those they serve free of charge! Likely, you invest in your leaders and volunteers by purchasing tickets for the GLS – and we hope you continue to do this! This program is designed to amplify your efforts by investing in those you serve by offering them the inspiration, hope, and practical tools the GLS has to offer.

More About The GLS

With 25+ years of experience delivering fresh, practical, hope-filled leadership development training within a supportive community, The Global Leadership Summit has become more than a two-day conference —it’s an invitation to refresh your leadership perspective and skill. Gathering with a global community of change-driven, growth-minded, hope-filled people like you, discover how to voice your vision for a better future.

How To Apply.


Fill out our quick contact form below to let our office know you’re interested in the program.


If your application is successful, the GLN Canada team will reach out with next steps to get you registered and tools to help equip your team to host the GLS for the community you serve.


Receive your link to watch the GLS at your own pace and gather for an unforgettable event that will inspire and encourage those in your care to take the next step in their life and leadership journey.

    Serve Your Community

    Who’s this for? The Ministry Connect Program is for members of our society who are in vulnerable situations or wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to participate in leadership development; communities including:

    • Homeless shelters
    • Transition Homes
    • Crisis Centres
    • Vulnerable Youth
    • Trafficking Survivors
    • And many other members of our society who are in need

    “In 2021, our community at Jericho Road attended the Global Leadership Summit through this unique program offered by GLN Canada. We were so blessed with the connections we had with all the unique and diverse speakers. It was truly amazing! Each one of us walked away with something different that we could apply and learn from. We can’t wait to see how the 2022 GLS will impact our community.”

    – Kevin Williams, Executive Director of Jericho Road, Ottawa, ON

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