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Hosting Your GLS Team Training?


Use the tools below to create a fantastic experience for your team!

Plan Your Gathering

Create a world-class experience for your group – right in your own office or living room! Spend time crafting a plan to serve your GLS Team Training well, from an inviting meeting space to food and drinks that your guests will be talking about for a long time to come!

Tailor Your Schedule

One of the best parts about hosting your own GLS Team Training is the ability to create a schedule that will work best for you and your guests.

  • You will receive your link to the content on October 17, 2022 and will have access to it until October 28, 2022 at 11:59 PM CT.
  • We recommend hosting your gathering a few days after receiving your link to allow you to review the content ahead of time to help plan effective discussion and facilitation times.
  • There will be 7 sessions in total, with multiple faculty speakers in each. You are welcome to play sessions 1 through 7 over the course of 2 days to mimic the original LIVE experience, OR switch it up and customize the timeline to suit your specific group.
  • Download the original 7-session schedule here.

Communicate with Attendees

Communicate details about your gathering to those who are attending, so that everyone knows the plan and what to expect.

We suggest making 2 points of contact: 

  1. Two weeks out, send an email with location details, arrival time, and information about lunches (ie. if they will need to plan their own or if you will be providing it, asking about dietary restrictions, etc.). 
  2. A few days before the event, send a reminder email with any last-minute details. 

Plan for Breaks & Food

Lunch breaks are typically 75 mins each. Here are a few ideas for providing on-site lunch to your group: 

  1. Have it catered or delivered from a local restaurant.
  2. Organize a food truck (larger groups).
  3. If group members are paying for their own lunches, you will need to coordinate how to manage payments.
  4. For refreshments, we suggest having coffee/tea/water available each morning before the GLS begins and various snack options available through each break. There will be a morning and afternoon break on Day 1, and a morning break on Day 2. To find exact times, please refer to the schedule posted on the website 1 week out.
  5. For refreshment ideas, click here. 

TIP! Make the Food Exciting! Everyone loves great food.

Set up Your Space

Set-up will look different depending on your group size and location. Here are some universal tips: 

  1. If space allows, set up chairs around tables or in a semi-circle formation to facilitate discussion between sessions. Ensure comfortable seating as the event runs for two full days.
  2. Print the schedule and make it available for your guests.
  3. If you are gathering in a larger group, consider posting directional signage for areas such as the main entrance, washrooms, etc. 

Prepare Audio/Visual Equipment

Your technical needs will vary depending on your room and audience size. Your set-up should be viewed through the eyes of your guests; a comfortable and appropriately sized room with easy access and technical equipment to create an excellent viewing experience. 

A small group of less than 10 could use a large screen TV and home theatre-style sound system. A larger group will require a centred projector and screen and audio system to create a focused experience. 

Consider viewing angle of your guests, room and window lighting, and room décor. The event will be delivered via the internet so ensure you have access to a minimum of 20 mb/s internet stream. The goal is to create a high-quality, comfortable, engaging experience, free from distractions. 

Digital GLS Notebook

If your group is under 20 people, we recommend sharing the downloadable digital GLS Notebook with your attendees. The link to the notebook will be available soon.

Facilitation Tools

During and after the Summit, engage and discuss the concepts and ideas that connected with you the most and why. It’s this part of the experience that makes it personal and practical.  Take some time to review the course outlines below ahead of your gathering to help you create effective discussion times.

Session 1 - Craig Groeschel & Vanessa Van Edwards

Session 2 - Sahar Hashemi & Johnny C Taylor, Jr.

Session 3 - Deb Liu

Session 4 - Dr. Heidi Grant & Ron Howard

Session 5 - Jon Acuff & Lynsi Snyder

Session 6 - Stephnie Chung & Bob Iger

Session 7 - Andy Stanley

Frequently Asked Questions

My group is over 20 people. When will I receive my shipment of GLS notebooks?

If you registered 20 or more people prior to September 30th, 2022, we will ship you GLS notebooks and select speaker resources. You can expect to receive them between October 3rd and October 14th. If your group is under 20, you can print the digital notebook, or send out the link for your group to take notes on their devices. The link to the GLS digital notebook will be available shortly!

Can I Share my GLS Online link with friends and colleagues?

One ticket purchase is required for each member of a team participating in the GLS. If you choose to have multiple colleagues gather to view it together, please purchase a ticket for each person.

Thanks for playing fair. Our goal is to provide world-class leadership development for you and your team at a reasonable price. We believe that if everyone follows the same rules and pays their share, we can make this resource available to all Canadians at a low rate for years to come.

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