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October 22-23, 2020 REPLAY


In your life. In your organization. In your community and the world.

Attending the Global Leadership Summit will help you consider a future that is different – a future that cares more, that leads more effectively, and that produces better outcomes for everyone. During the two days, you will not only gain access to a wealth of leadership insight from a world-class faculty, ready to equip and inspire you, you will recognize and grow your influence to impact the things that matter to you most. 

Now more than ever, when you grow in your leadership,  you can  withstand difficult seasons,  re-imagine the future,  strengthen your relationships, improve  your business,  and provide hope to your community  through effective charity or church  engagement.  

Join us  this year in  a  global  movement of more than 420,000 people learning  together  across  124 countries. 


With the uncertainty of gathering in person, the GLS has been transformed into an ONLINE experience. Coming  to you from around the world, with 15 influential leaders, it will be a dynamic, value-infused leadership event. The Summit is known for excellence – and this year is no exception. You can expect two powerful days, with interactive opportunities, and inspiring creative elements.

As a special bonus, with every ticket, we are also offering 7 days of Video-On-Demand (VOD) where you will be able to access the majority* of the amazing talks from GLS20, free of charge.

*Talks available on demand subject to speaker terms

Get Your Tickets for Two Days of Actionable Leadership Insights & Inspiration


1. Organizational Pass: Participate in the GLS with your team. Whether you are joining your peers at work or working remotely, you can all participate in the GLS together.

The Organizational Pass includes:

  • Tickets for up to 15 individuals for your organization
  • On Demand Team Edition for your organization – which contains all the talks, speaker notes, and team tools for your year-round training and team development ($669 value)

2. Individual Ticket: We know not everyone can participate as a team. If you’re invested in your own development, whether personal or professional, this ticket is for you. Although, learning is more effective in community – we’d encourage you to get a few tickets and take in the GLS with some friends.

All tickets include 7-days of free Video-On-Demand (VOD) which will allow access to most of the talks*. Price is subject to Eventbrite fees.

*Talks available on demand subject to speaker terms

World-Class Faculty

From around the world, our diverse Summit faculty will deliver a unique blend of vision, inspiration, and practical skills you can immediately apply. They’ll tackle some of the biggest leadership challenges in 2020: 

> Becoming more agile and inventive 
> Embracing courageous leadership 
> Breaking free from the lies we believe about work
> Staying relevant  

> Leveraging science-based research to increase connection opportunities
> Unlocking team strengths
> Using our influence for good
> and many more!

>> Check Out the Schedule


World-Class Leadership Training

Earn Valuable Continuing Education Credits at GLS20

Did you know many employers offer reimbursements or time off for employee education and professional development? Make the most of your summer by earning Continuing Education Credits (CE Credits) at The Global Leadership Summit. Leadership training like this can cost more than $1,200 a day, but we’ve been committed, for over 25 years, to making it accessible to everyone because our world needs more hope-filled leaders – NOW!


Note: Each province and/or regulatory agency has different rules as the acceptability for Continuing Education in their area of expertise. The Global Leadership Network may award CE Credits without authorization from a professional association. It is the individual’s responsibility to submit the CE Credit hours to their respective business/agency or board who will determine if their organization is willing to grant continuing education credit for the Summit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Canada not offering a public in-person GLS experience in 2020?

With the uncertainty of government physical distancing measures and limitations on group sizes, the GLN team in Canada has chosen to exclusively provide the GLS as an Online Experience.

I’m on holidays during the dates of the GLS – can I still attend?

As a special bonus with every ticket, we are also offering 7 days of Video-On-Demand (VOD) free of charge. VOD will give you later access to nearly all* of the incredible talks from GLS20. Don’t miss out on the best leadership content available this year. Make the most of the opportunity to catch up later!

*Talks available on demand subject to speaker terms

What’s included in my Online GLS Experience?

Your Online GLS Experience includes 2 days of powerful online content broadcast from around the world, 7 days of the Video-On-Demand (giving you access to most* of the talks on demand), a digital GLS notebook, and other interactive resources to enhance your experience.

Please note: Some elements of the conference were only available during the live real-time experience in August. This includes, but is not limited to, speaker interactions via polls, or Q&A sessions as well as elements of the conference conducted via social media channels. 

*Talks available on demand subject to speaker terms

Can one web streaming code be shared with my colleagues at work?

One ticket purchase is required for each member of a team participating in the GLS. If you choose to have multiple colleagues gather to view it together, please purchase a ticket for each person.

Thanks for playing fair. Our goal is to provide world-class leadership development for you and your team at a reasonable price. We believe that if everyone follows the same rules and pays their share, we can make this resource available to all Canadians at a low rate for years to come.

Why is the GLS specially priced this year?

Many leaders are experiencing hardship during the Covid-19 pandemic – yet, more than ever, need fresh encouragement and new skills. At GLS Canada, we are committed to helping make this exclusive event super affordable for everyone.

If you can afford it, it’s the perfect year to gift a GLS ticket to a friend who could use the encouragement.

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